We have often talked about the inestimable heritage of Italy, whether artistic or natural. We have just discovered another and new primacy of the peninsula about flowers and plants: the Italian flora accounts for about half of the known species in Europe.

Flowered Italy: half of the flowers in Europe are here

The State of Natural Capital in Italy is an important dossier that examines the link between the state of the ecosystem, its economic exploitation, and social welfare. The report examines the state of conservation of water, soil, air, biodiversity, and ecosystems within the Italian Ecoregions: Alpine, Po Valley, Apennines, Tyrrhenian Mediterranean, and Adriatic Mediterranean.

Flowered Italy: half of the flowers in Europe are here

The flora of Italy is made up of more than 6,700 species, of which 20,4% are endemic, ie spontaneous in the Italian territory only. The fauna includes over 58,000 species, of which 30% is endemic. This is really an important asset, often forgotten, and most important something that we don’t protect. The news in the dossier is not only positive: our global warming is higher than the international average and the average temperature value is steadily increasing, endangering the different ecosystems.

Flowered Italy: half of the flowers in Europe are here

But, at least for today, let’s focus on the good news, and let’s discover the immense wealth of flowers in Italy.

To do this, we recommend these 5 beautiful eco-accommodations in Italy where you can wake up among beautiful and colorful flowers.

The perfume of jasmine


The Garden of Valentina is a welcoming B&B in an old country house in Sardinia, surrounded by the scents of a large garden, with jasmine, roses, centuries-old olive trees and a synergic garden.

Between 300 roses


In the green of the Roman Tuscia, less than an hour from Rome, you can find an incredible B&B of charm. Casacocò is surrounded by a beautiful park where the olive trees are together with oaks, laurels, camellias and wisteria, and the fragrances of aromatic herbs blend with lilies, clematis and three hundred roses selected and cared for by the landlord.

20,000 square meters of flowers


Mortola Tower is a charming 1500th century manor house surrounded by 20,000 square feet of botanical garden overlooking the warm sea of ​​liguria Ponente, above the famous Hanbury Gardens.

A unique tent in the middle of lavender


A unique Urban Farm of its kind. Inside the Farm Villarè you will be able to visit the ancient oil mill, the manger that has become an exhibition area, the garden with aromatic plants of all kinds, and the lavender field. It is a truly unique accommodation, a spherical and transparent tent from where you can admire the stars and dawn.

Intoxicated by orange blossoms


The garden of the Al Vecchio Biroccio farmhouse hosts numerous plants and flowers, such as robinias, trunks and palms, alternating with bushes, pines and oleanders. In May, you can stroll inebriated by the scent of orange blossoms and surrounded by the thousand colors of the roses flourishing for most of the year.