A journey through Slovenia, which starts from the center-south of this amazing country and arrives to the north-east. The discovery of uncontaminated nature and local traditions, but above all of delicious wines and relaxing SPA. For a holiday that is good for your mind and body.

Bearlog Hostel, eco-friendly accommodation in Kočevje, Slovenia

The starting point of our journey through Slovenia‘s wines and spas starts at Kočevje, a wonderful town, south of Ljubljana. At the center we find the Bearlog Hostel, a modern and welcoming accommodation, that is committed every day in the respect of the environment, using ecological detergents and making careful separate collection. Even the historic house has been recovered according to the principles of green-architecture. We leave the suitcases in our room, which overlooks the river, rent a bicycle and start exploring the surroundings. Kočevje is completely surrounded by greenery, which almost seems to swallow it. The region has undoubtedly the most pristine forest in the country, perhaps in Europe, a virgin forest that has helped make the town isolated from the rest of Slovenia for several centuries; even today it still preserves particular traditions and dialects. In the forest there are several paths, perfect for us cyclists. Be careful though, among the tall beech and fir trees here the brown bear lives!

Slovenia's spas

But now it’s time to leave, before us there are tastings of excellent wines and hours of relaxation immersed in thermal waters. Our second stop is Dolenjske Toplice, a wonderful spa city. Its establishment was one of the most renowned of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and is today one of the most visited. The huge spa park also features a botanical trail, with 100 different types of trees and shrubs. Swimming pools, saunas, massages and an idyllic nature all around: do you really need anything else to relax and regenerate? When we can abandon the beneficial thermal waters of Dolenjske Toplice -and no, it’s not easy- our journey of wines and SPAs continues. The surroundings of the city are characterized by picturesque wine hills, where cviček is born, a wine with a low alcohol content that according to many has therapeutic properties.

Wine tasting in Slovenia

A short stop in Otočec ob Krki to admire its beautiful castle and then we reach Brežice. The Čatež spa complex and the starting point of the wine route in the Bizeljsko-Sremič district await you here. The route passes through the three municipalities of Posavje-Sevnica, Krško and Brežice. The structure of the land and the particular climate make this region one of the best wine territories in the country. In a wonderful landscape we meet hospitable winemakers, who invite us to visit their cellars and to taste both white and red wines, which are born from native vines.

Ptuj, oldest city of Slovenia
Ptuj. © Mihael Grmek via Wikimedia

We move to the north to reach the next stage of our journey through the wines and SPAs of Slovenia, Rogaška Slatina which houses the largest and oldest SPA in the country. The beneficial properties of these waters, very rich in magnesium, have been known for centuries and are ideal for those seeking psycho-physical rebalancing. We continue to travel through Slovenia, towards north. Here we come to the enchanting city of Ptuj. It is the oldest city in the country, a pearl set between the Drava river and the wine hills. You can’t miss a walk in the historic center, discovering particular and fascinating architecture, a visit to the castle that dominates the whole landscape and, of course, the spa where you can take care of your body and your well-being for a few hours of total peace. But what is most striking about this city is the fact that the subsoil of the old town is dotted with old cellars, proof of the millenary wine tradition. Some can still be visited and there are many places where you can taste the famous white wines of the region.

Jeruzalem-Ljutomer, Slovenia
© claire rowland via Wikimedia

Now the district of Jeruzalem-Ljutomer awaits us, a beautiful area characterized by endless rows of vines and breathtaking views. Thanks to the country paths that wind through the territory, the bicycle is the ideal means to visit this district, for a day to spend in nature, between a tasting and the other.

Maribor, famous town of Slovenia
© Andrej Jakobčič via Wikimedia

Last stop: Maribor, capital of Styria and wonderful city. Every corner of it deserves to be seen, but we certainly cannot conclude our journey through the wines and spas of Slovenia without having seen the oldest grapevine in the world.Thežametovka” or “modra kavčina” vine is over 450 years old and is still productive!

Tasting its wines and relaxing in its thermal waters is an unusual way to discover Slovenia, but it is a way that allows you to enjoy all the beauty of this young and dynamic country. A country where nature is always the protagonist, a country rich in traditions, a country that goes straight to the heart. Discover all the eco-sustainable accommodations in Slovenia and leave!