The remedy for everyday stress is just around the corner. 2 hours per week surrounded by nature are enough to stay healthy. It is evidenced by scientific research of the University of Exeter, in England.

The results of this important research, financed from British public health, were published in the magazine Scientific Reports. “Everybody knows that living in a natural environment is good for health and wellness, but until now we didn’t know how much time was necessary”. Mathew White is a researcher for the European Centre for Environment and Human Health at the University of Exeter Medical School, and he sums up with these words the important result of his research. So, nature is the secret!

hamaca and nature to live a healthy life
Relax and nature, photo of Max Andrey on Pexels

What does it mean to be immersed in Nature?

120 minutes is the minimum threshold of time to dedicate to nature every week. But what does it mean exactly to spend time in a green environment?

The study shows that living in a neighborhood with many parks or near natural areas, it helps in preventing and treating illnesses. Nevertheless, even just an escape in a city park can improve your mood. Indeed, the benefits of nature are both physical and mental. Another interesting characteristic of this study: you don’t have to do physical exercise. You should just relax in the shade of an oak tree, seated on a bench. In this case, what matters is the quality of time!

120 minutes dedicated to nature seated in a bench
Relax on a bench for 120 minutes

It’s easy: relax and have fun in city parks, natural parks, rivers, hills or beaches and you’ll find a new psychophysical harmony.

How should you assume the “medicine” called Nature?

The research shows that natural visits could be either extended for 2 hr or “administrated” in small doses during all 7 days of the week.
So, it is truly a blessing!
The advantages of this scientific study highlight that there are no improvements if the time of exposure to nature is longer, for example, 200-300 minutes. So, only if you do not reach 2 hours weekly immersed in nature, you will have the opposite effect.

girl in a bench on the lake, unspolit nature
Photo on Unsplash

Everyone benefits from this natural “medicine”

This research of Exeter University, in collaboration with Uppsala University in Sweden, has analyzed the habits of 20.000 British citizens. They have also investigated on their illnesses.

The results are truly amazing! The 120 minutes method may be applied to everyone. From children to elderly people, to every single professional and ethnic group, in the richest areas and the poorest one. Nature benefits everybody.

In this respect, Doctor White confirmed in an interview for the renowned British newspaper “The Guardian”: “What really amazed us was this was true for just about every group we could think of”

sea, happiness and family, wounderful nature
Photo by Nate Hess, on Pexels

Nowadays there are new projects that underline how nature can help our brain to restore the well-being and to fight against everyday stress and urban pollution. One of them is the Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment Survey of Natural England.

Do you need to take a break and recharge your batteries in a green environment?

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Author: Camilla Tecchio

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