A city of a thousand souls and all around beautiful hills and small villages: the province of Macerata welcomes you with incredible scents and colors, often leaving you speechless for its views, the cultural jewels scattered in the green and the feeling of genuineness that you breathe everywhere.

Those who choose the hills of Macerata as their destination will not regret it: there is so much to do, discover and live. The starting point can be the city of Macerata: you can walk and get lost in its narrow streets, walk along the walls and stop to admire the views of the mountains and hills, enjoy a nice dish of Vicisgrassi in one of the many historic restaurants in the center, relax in the green of Diaz Gardens, discover Piazza Mazzini, the living room of the city, or even admire the Sferisterio, the arena of Macerata, which was once used for playing an ancient type of soccer and today, thanks to its excellent acoustics, it is used to host the opera season and other concerts.

© 18Federico Olivo17 via Wikimedia

Around the city, nature is the protagonist. Slowly and gently, it invites us to a journey into beauty, the authentic one, made of small things. The hills follow each other in harmony, hiding villages that look like jewels. The crops, which tell of the uninterrupted work of man, draw the surface creating beautiful geometries of colors, which change with the changing of the seasons.

archaeological park of Urbs Salvia
© FAM1885 via Wikimedia

Here too there is much to do. You can walk along the Via Lauretana, an ancient pilgrimage route, ride from the region capital through the hills that rise between the Chienti valleys and going towards the sea, reaching the Piani di Apiro, a vast plateau covered with pine forests, and admire from here the view that range from the Mount Sibillini to the sea or even explore the archaeological park of Urbs Salvia, a fundamental testimony of the Roman era. Here you can discover the structure of an ancient Roman city and its most important monuments.

Recanati and the Macerata hills
© Claudio.stanco via Wikimedia

Among the villages of the province of Macerata, Recanati certainly is a must. The village is famous mostri because it was the home town of the poet Giacomo Leopardi. It’s like retracing his life and his poems, from the Piazza del Sabato of the Village to the Colle dell’Infinito, perhaps the perfect place to end the weekend in the hills of Macerata. If the beautiful panorama that can be admired from here has inspired the famous poetry of the great Leopardi, there is indeed a reason.

A vegan farm in the hills of Macerata

A vegan farm in the hills of Macerata

A wisely renovated old farmhouse, organic gardens, a swimming pool, a wonderful porch: a few ingredients for a refined farmhouse that feels like home. The Coroncina farmhouse is among the best vegan accommodations in Italy, but also an organic farm that respects the environment, offering excellent local foods and providing a wellness center, two comfortable rooms, a special room in a barrel and a mini-apartment. It is the perfect place for a regenerating holiday, which follows the rhythms of nature. It is the perfect place to rediscover healthy eating, sweet sleep in rooms with views of the woods and hills and natural relax thanks to the wellness treatments designed for you.


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