A house in the middle of a natural park, just on a river and in the depth of the nature it’s like a dream come true. Get away from everything and spend relaxing days in the lovely Maranghetto Mansion, near the beach of Caorle / Brussa. Here what Toni and Marzia told us.

A private place and cosy place, in the middle of the wild life of the Venice lagoon, where you can see many wild animal species and explore around thanks to the cycle path nearby. Maranghetto Mansion it’s a house on the river structured with the cane from the swamp that is kept as it used to be once. With ancient features. Inside the house there are exposed all the pictures from the past of the house on the river and of the people of the community, most fishermen. To this day, the fishermen still hang around this area, keeping each other company while fishing. They are simple people with an open mind, that host gladly outsiders and with very interesting stories to tell.

We’ve interviewed the kind homeowners, Toni and Marzia, that charmed us thanks to their enthusiasm toward this special and antique place.

Magic of the house on the river in Veneto (Italy)

How was the house on the river, Maranghetto Mansion born?

It’s a 100-years-old facility, passed from father to son and used from the fishermen of the lagoon as meeting place after a fishing trip. The magic of the place as it was conceived is still here, adding however some modern conveniences to make the place efficient: it has a French bed, a sofa bed and a single bed, bathroom, shower, air-conditioning, fridge, a gas ring, microwave oven, radio, CD player and a beautiful central fireplace.

3 pictures of the Maranghetto Mansion: Magic of the house on the river in Veneto (Italy)
Which feauturies make you eco-place unique?

The “sound of silence” that you hear when you arrive at the house on the river and that can be appreciated thanks to the outer area equipped with table and platform to give the chance to eat outside. Furthermore, you can also use the barbecue place that is in the garden to make amazing grilled fish or meat. The guests will feel like living in a different dimension where chaos and the noises of the civilization seem like a memory, where the facility keeps its unicity of natural environment.

Maranghetto inside: Magic of the house on the river in Veneto (Italy)
Which good sustainability practice did you introduce?

The separate collection of waste, we use biological products for cleaning and eco-friendly material for bedlinen and bathroom linen.

Which itinerary in the nature or green experience would you recommend?

From the facility you can borrow bikes and canoes, you can also rent the boat and the raft. You can spend your vacation days, in the tranquillity of an intact nature, or you do some excursion in the lagoon/sea. There are some natural cycling paths, or you can go fish on the crystal-clear waters. If you rather relax you can use the garden with a fence (perfect for your animals) or the balcony on the lagoon.

Canoa and Maranghetto mansion: Magic of the house on the river in Veneto (Italy)
What does being an Ecobnb mean for you?

Enjoying  the nature without changing it but keep its uniqueness.

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