Friulian Dolomites offer 500 km of biking itineraries, suitable for both children and grown-ups. Here, the bike love is so strong that in some areas the ski pass turned into a “bike pass”. Let’s discover together the most beautiful paths!

When the snow melts and the skis are no longer needed, the Friulian Dolomites turn into every biker’s paradise on Earth. There are many paths that offer stunning views on the surroundings mountains. One of them, 67 km long, connects Dobbiaco (South Tyrol) with Calalzo di Cadore (Veneto) passing through Cortina d’Ampezzo. The exceptional path follows the same layout of the old train that in the past linked these places. An unmissable and pleasant itinerary, surrounding by flourishing nature and amazing landscapes. The Dolomites offer many reasons to choose a biking holiday.

Soft rides and charming landscapes between Dobbiaco and Cortina

Fall in the Dolomites
Fall in the Dolomites, photo by Marco Forno on Unsplash

Let’s start now and discover the first astonishing stretch that goes from Dobbiaco to Cortina. It’s a 30-km-long path, perfect even for MTB lovers. Just after leaving Dobbiaco, the route twists and turns on a flat area covered with marvelous green meadows. From there, you continue up to a light climb: at the end a glimpse of the beautiful Lake of Dobbiaco awaits you.

As you follow the path, you’ll have the chance to enjoy many more pleasant surprises. Continuing on a gravel track, you’ll reach another astounding place: The Lake of Landro. This is the perfect spot to relax for a moment and admire the northern side of the Mount Cristallo and the majestic Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Three Peaks of Lavaredo).

Riding a mountain bike in the woods
Riding a mountain bike in the woods, photo by David Henrichs on Unsplash

After the pause at the Lake of Landro, the ride goes on up to the highest point of the path, the Pass of Cimabianche (1,529 m). Nonetheless, getting there is easier than one may think. All around the path, the landscape is made of charming and refreshing woods. Once you reach the highest point, the path goes on along a soft slope.

Fall in the woods
Fall in the woods, photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

A slope full of astonishing natural places. In this section, you cross an unbelievable suspension bridge, from where you can see the deep rocky canyon of the River Felizon. Once you pass the bridge, you continue up to the Gallery of Pezovico, a historical place dug by the soldiers prisoners of the Austrian troops during WWI. The first leg of the ride on the Friulian Dolomites ends as soon as you reach Cortina. This is the perfect place to pend the night, before starting again for the next stage.

From Cortina to Calalzo on the Bike Path of the Dolomites

Frilulian Dolomites

Refreshed thanks to a good night’s sleep, you can start for the second half of this journey on the Friulian Dolomites. From Cortina starts another stretch with many new infrastructures and facilities. You are now on the Bike Path of the Dolomites, from where you can discover the wonders of this territory through thousands of stunning landscapes. For example, continuing towards Zuel, you can admire the Trampolino Italia, a ski jumping hill built for the 1956 Winter Olympic Games.

From there, you go down to San Vito di Cadore, one of the beautiful landscapes drawn by the Mounts Antelao and Pelmo. Once you pass Borca di Cadore, Vodo and the Sluice of Venas, you keep going on a paved route, made of many brief and enlightened galleries, until you reach Valle Cadore and Tai.

Friulian Dolomites

Continuing for another short stretch, you’ll reach the former train station of Pieve di Cadore. The path goes on for some more kilometers surrounded by the flourishing green nature. After passing the last short galleries, you arrive at the destination of the journey, the train station of Calalzo, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake.

Bike path
Bike path, photo by Andrew Gook on Unsplash

The Bike Path of the Dolomites, in addition to the enchanting landscapes, offers many tailormade services. From bike rental, to assistance and buses that can reach you wherever you may be, this bike path is, without any doubts, one of the most appreciated of the Friulian Dolomites. Moreover, it’s easy to bike on both directions of travel.

Discover the Friulian Dolomites through the Cortina Bike Resort

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

The Dolomites offer many more paths to be discovered by bike. In the Valley of Ampezzo, for example, the Cortina Bike Resort offers 12 official tracks, of differs lengths and difficulty levels. Families with children can explore woods and rivers through three itineraries: the Pian de ra Spines tour and the stretches Cimabianche – Cortina and Cortina – Borca di Cadore.

Mountains and lake
Photo by Ricardo Frantz on Unsplash

There also more challenging paths, such as the Great Tour of Cortina, and the more difficult, such as the Tour of the Great War among the Ancient Trenches, now restructured and valued, or the Tour of the 5 Towers and the Pass Giau.

Cortina seems to be the perfect destination for bike lovers. It’s proven also by the thousands of bike and MTB passionate, who crowd this town every summer to celebrate the Cortina Bike Days. An extraordinary event, full of healthy competition and shows.

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