Werfenweng is a picturesque village in Austria, able to conquer you from the first moment. We set off to discover this beautiful Alpine Pearl, located in the Salzburger Land at 900 meters above sea level, surrounded by majestic mountains. We have thus discovered a sustainable reality, immersed in a breathtaking landscape, offering numerous possibilities for relax and fun, all in contact with nature. Among tastings, electric vehicles and excursions below you will find the experiences to try in Werfenweng to understand all its charm and spend a truly unforgettable holiday.

Move sustainably

electric vehicle in Werfenweng

Electric cars, e-bikes, electric scooters, or any means of transport, as long as it is sustainable, is available free of charge to Werfenweng guests. Staying in any accommodation you receive a Samo Card that offers free access to all means of ecological transport. In the central square of the village there are also curious vehicles, such as the “conference bike” that has 8 seats and 8 pedals, to pedal together, looking in the face and chatting. The card is free, and is paid by the tourist tax, to promote soft mobility. Free tricycles, small bicycles and cars are available for children too.

Walking towards the top of the mountain

Hiking in Werfenweng

There are many paths that start from the center of Werfenweng, all well marked, and that allow you to slowly discover the magical surroundings of this Alpine Pearl. There is, for example, an itinerary of 24 kilometers that takes us to the Tennen plateau through beautiful landscapes where you can enjoy an incredible view of the Salzachtal valley and the Hohenwerfen fortress.

Buy farmers’ products

Farmers' products of Werfenweng

Right in the center of Werfenweng you can find a small shop that sells local farm products. You can not help but try the delicious cheeses, meat from small local farms, honey and much more.

Slip on the snow among the trees

Toboggan, Werfenweng

Toboggan is much loved here in Werfenweng and there are several trails for both adults and children. Among the latest news is the Köpfl-Flitzer, 1200 m long. Steep curves will take you down the village, even during the evening, in the moonlight.

Werfenweng from above: a paragliding flight

Werfenweng from above: a paragliding flight

For the more daring, you can admire Werfenweng and its mountains from above, living a truly unique experience with a paragliding flight. From early May to late October, the Werfenweng cable car takes you to the launch area of ​​the Bischling, the most beloved mountain by parapendists in the whole of Salzburg. AustriaFly and FlyTandem instructors will bring you safely back to the valley, flying through the majestic mountains and breathtaking landscapes of the valley, you’ll see up to Salzburg.

A dip in the lake

Werfenweng's lake

If you decide to visit Werfenweng in the summer you will not be able to resist the temptation to dive into its small lake. And why do it? The crystal clear water, the birds singing and the green that surrounds you will make you forget all your worries, you will find a deep connection with nature.

A carriage ride

A carriage ride in Werfenweng

If you are two, you can live a truly romantic experience, crossing meadows and woods on a carriage pulled by beautiful horses, whether in the snow or in summer.

Listen to the deer bellow

Reserve with deer in Werfenweng
Reserve with deer in Werfenweng

From the center of Werfenweng starts a path that goes to the lake and that pass through a large grazing area, where it is easy to meet deer and fawns. During the mating season, which runs from mid-September to mid-October, you can also listen to the suggestive bellow, especially in the evening hours.

Visit the ski museum

Entrance of the ski museum in Werfenweng
Entrance of the ski museum in Werfenweng, ph. by S. Ombellini

In Werfenweng you will also find a unique museum, which tells the 5,000-year history of skiing.

Choose an eco-friendly B&B

The nature of Werfenweng is intact, the air is fresh and pure. Behind this earthly paradise, where time passes slowly and everything is authentic, there is a great commitment of a people who understood the importance of defending the environment. This is why in the Alpine Pearl you will find many eco-sustainable accommodations, from small family-run inn to 4-star hotels, to luxury chalets.


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