Slovenia has always been fighting on the front line for sustainability and has now found the perfect solution to promote sustainable tourism among destinations and tourism services. Its name is ‘Green Scheme’: let’s discover what it is!  

Slovenia was nominated the European green capital and even when tourism is concerned, it’s all about sustainabilityGreen Scheme is the tool especially designed to encourage eco-friendly tourism in the country. But what is this Green Scheme?

Slovenian tourism’s ace in the hole

Slovenian natural beauties, photo by Tom Mrazek via flickr

Green Scheme (GSST – Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism) is a national certification tool suggested by Slovenia Green. It was born a couple of yeas ago, when they noticed that 85% of travelers, most of them coming from abroad, chose Slovenia because of it unspoiled nature (here you can find the green guide).

Sustainability is not only a life style, but also a potential key attractive factor. And so why not encouraging this love for the environment even more? Here’s when our Green Scheme comes into play: this certification invites both destinations and tourism services (as hotels, agencies…) to adopt the standards of sustainability. Green Scheme provides them all the necessary things to conquer the certificate and regularly checks their work and standards.

How can you get this certificate? Destinations need to satisfy different criteria, among them there are the so called GDS – Green Destination Standards (destination management, nature and landscape, climate and environment, tradition and culture, hospitality and business). These are then evaluated and annually checked, plus a project and a report need to be presented every year. There are three possible levels:

  • GOLD members conquer the first place: there is the capital, Ljubljana (which by the way, was the European Green Capital) and enchanting Alpine Pearl Bled (in this article you can find all the eco-friendly activities to do in Bled and by its lake);
  • SILVER members, as Kranjska Gora and Koper;
  • BRONZE member, like Laško.

Slovenia green: not only destinations

Green Scheme Slovenia

Green Scheme is also for tourism services, not just destinations! Hotel, agencies and natural parks for example, can obtain the Green Scheme certificate through different other certifications, as Eco-Label, Green Key or Biohotels. Among the many hotels, The Snovik Thermal Spa and Hotel Astoria Bled offer their guests an eco-stay that cares for the environment. National Parks are the greatest of the country, as the Triglav National Park, the Kozjansko Regional Park and the karstic caves in Škocjan.

One of the Green Scheme agencies is Good Place, which is responsible for green tourism promotion, product development and marketing consultancy… and it’s also one of Ecobnb’s partners!

With 37 destinations, 22 eco-structures, 3 National Parcks and 2 agencies that worked hard to get this Green Scheme certificate, Slovenia leads the field of sustainability. With hard work and constant effort, 96% of all international sustainability criteria are satisfied by Slovenia, though it aims at reaching 100% and perfection.

Sustainable tourism is drawing increasing attention, both from institution and from tourists. The aim should always be to welcome guests while respecting the environment: Slovenia knows it and its strategy is definitely a winning one!

Featured image: photo by Felix Russell Saw via unsplash

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