Sleeping at high-altitude, in a cable car with a great view of the starry sky and waking up in front of a unique and snow-covered landscape. No, it’s not a dream, you can actually do it in the province of Bergamo. The perfect suggestion for a romantic or adventurous night.

Are you looking for a super romantic idea to charm your better half? Or are you simply looking for a one in a lifetime unforgettable experience? If you’ve already slept in an igloo, in a three house and in a barrel (these are just some of the unusual and green experiences we mentioned here), what do you think about spending a night in an old cable car?

Look at the moon!

With its poles and control panels, the cablewayroom‘s cable car has been transformed into a super romantic accommodation, with a breath-taking view of the surrounding mountains and a window to look at the moon and stars. A proper romantic (and quite unusual) suite for two, completely immersed into the nature.

In an old cable car, an unusual and romantic suite

Indeed, the cable car of the old disused cableway Albino-Selvino, instead of being dumped, it’s been rebuilt and converted into an unusual and very romantic suite, where every detail matters.

When you enter the old cable car Cableway Room, you’ll find a space to arrange your luggage and an area adjusted for breakfast. You won’t sit on normal chairs but on actual swings.

If you go upstairs you will discover the bedroom with an incredible view of the surrounding landscape. The arcade of the old cable car (meaning the piece which used to connect the car and the cables) has been reconstructed and became the head of the bed. The only thing is that the bathroom is outside and not attached to the little shelter.

Lying on the huge waterbed you can enjoy the panorama and, at night, you can fall asleep while looking at the moon and stars, thanks to the skylight on the rooftop. What more could you possibly ask for?

And we are not done: in the garden in front of the old cable car, you will also find an amazing and panoramic swimming pool for guests only.

There once was a simple cable car…today it’s an unusual and green accommodation

The old cable car, surrounded by snow, transformed into an unusual and green suite
The old cable car, surrounded by snow, transformed into an unusual and green suite

The thing we like the most (besides the creative reuse) is that the old cable car has been reconstructed by putting an extra effort in being respectful and considerate towards the environment, for example by saving energy and following ecology criteria.

On both floors of the cable car-suite there is an under-floor heating system, powered by solar panels. The energy of the sun is also used to heat the water for the shower and in the pool (which is heated during winter as well, how great!).

The energy used is taken from renewable sources, thanks to the 3 KW of solar panels installed. Furthermore, consumption due to lightining is minimised thanks to the selection of Led lightbulbs.

Rainwater is not wasted and from mid-April until the end of September, it is collected in a tank and reused to water the garden and for the toilet’s flushing system.

Some useful information for those interested in sleeping in this unusual and eco-friendly accommodation: it can accommodate 2 people at most, neither animals nor children are allowed and it is a no smoking area.

Why don’t you start oranising your romantic adventure?

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Author: Margherita Potrich

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