In spring and in summer we have an abound of sunny days, and what better time to go out for a walk in the woods, or simply in a park to pick up some wild herbs?

We can take advantage by carring with us a basket and looking for a little wild flower or a little wild leaf to pick up and whereby prepair good recipies!

But how to  recognise the eatable wild herbs from the dangerous wild herbs? If you have any dudes we suggest you to take with you a little botany guide during the walks, expecially for the inexperienced.

So, here there are the 10 wild herbs to pick up in spring and in summer and with wich cook delicious soups, salads or seasoning:

 The lemon balmThe lemon balm - wild herb: the herb for your good mood

This perennial plant it’s very loved by the bees. It’s well known for its relaxing proprieties. It’s very good to prepare fresh salads, fresh fruits salads or mushroom savory dishes.



BLACK LOCUST - wild herbThe black locust: its flowers are good for salads

It’s a shrub that loves the humid places. It grows fastly until becoming a weed. It grows mainly during the sping and its flower loved by the bees to produce acacia honey. The flowers are also consumed for fresh salads and fried meals. But pay attention to the other parts of the plants: the roots, the seeds and the bartex are toxic!  


The blackberry bush: a wild herb with sweets fruits.The blackberry bush: a wild herb with sweets fruits

The blossoms of this perennial plant are sweet and delicious, you can pick them up expecially on may and they are perfect for a fresh salad when the fruits come out between august and september. It’s easy to find blackberry bush among the mountain paths or in the countryside


The elder: the diuretic herbThe elder: the diuretic herb

The elder grows expecially in the fresh zones, close to the rivers and the steams, but it’s common to see it among the fields or along the streets edges. It’s well known for its diuretic proprieties but you can also use it  to prepair a good elder petals juices, sugar drinks recommended when it’s hot outside or for a simply dessert.


The wild spinach: the herb against the anemiaThe wild spinach: the herb against the anemia

Before its flowering the spinach can be picked up during the spring period for using the buds. You can easily find it close to the fields or however close to a zone with an amount of eatable plants. You can eat it row or boiled.



The nettie: thousand ways to prepare delicious recipiesThe nettie: thousand ways to prepare delicious recipies

It’s the protagonist of the biological cuisine. You can pick it up in spring and making whatever you prefer, is better to use the tops more soft and digestible. Being a weed is common to find it everywhere. The nettie is delicious to prepair risottos, salads and vegetable pies. Unique suggestion: use gloves to catch it or you can incurred into a bad experience.

The alliaria: a nice garlicky herb

The alliaria: a nice garlicky herb

This herb is easy to find in the woods and is flavour remainds the garlic. The alliaria is a perennial weed that you can pick up starting from may. You can use all its sides: the wite flowers can be eaten row or in salads, the leaves develop sandwiches, the infusions, the juices, the appetizers and the soups.



The chicory: your supplement of C vitamine

The chicory: your supplement of C vitamine

It’s a very common plant, you can find it in the plains. you can eat its leafs raw or cooked. They are even utilized in some typical dishes of Pulia like “nfcate”


The dandelion: a colorful supply of vitaminesThe dandelion: a colorful supply of vitamines

Its bitter leaves contain iron and they are very delicious dressed with olive oil.




The plantain: the herb that takes the flu awayThe plantain: the herb that takes the flu away

Widespread along the street edges and in the fields, is delicious when eaten cooked with other herbs or used to prepair flours. Being a perennial herb is easy to pick it up all the year without compromise its survival. The plantain has anti-inflamatory prprieties. It’s useful to wild off the flu and is full of iron.



What wild herbs do you pick and how do you utilize them? Tell us in the article

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