The Giens peninsula, located in the town of Hyeres, France, is formed by two thin strips of sand (tomboli) entering the sea for four to five kilometers. It’s an area prone to high winds and this is the ideal place for those who like kitesurfing and windsurfing. Even diving are practiced thanks to the presence of beautiful fishes.

The coastline consists of fine sand and it’s all in walking or cycling through a beaten path about 18 Km. In the marshy area inside, between the two bobbins, you can observe pink flamingos and other species of birds and plants over with spectacular views.

Pink Flamingos, Port Cros
Pink Flamingos, photo by Enrico Strocchi, via flickr

Canoeing from Hyeres to the Porquerolle island

In front of the peninsula lie the islands of Hyeres, also called archipelago of gold, with the Ile du Levant, Port-Cros and the famous Porquerolle island.

From the Tour Fondue you can take a boat to reach the islands, but we’ve chosen to do it canoeing.

The French island without smog and pollution

Porquerolles is a beautiful island that is kept untouche thanks to important prohibitions, such as smoking and motor vehicles. Yes, it’s true: a car-free island, where the sound of the sea and the forest surrounds your hikes.

White beaches and lush vegetation that cover an area of kilometers are protected under the National Park of Port-Cros, which preserves all of the archipelago.

port-cros, ph. by Arnaud Abadie, via flickr

The history of the island, between love, protection and rose wine

The story tells that the island was purchased by a rich Belgian businessman, who donated it to his wife as a wedding present and we planted many vines that still produce excellent rose wine.

The French government bought back in the mid-twentieth century speculation and keeping it from turning it into a place of conservation and protection.

Rose Wine on Porquerolles island
Rose Wine on Porquerolles island, ph. by atl10trader, via flickr

Cycling on the island of Porquerolle: scent of pines, heathers and blueberries

The island of Porquerolle smells of pine, heather and myrtle. It has only one town, a windmill, a botanical garden. From the village you can rent bicycles to explore the island. Biking you can visit fortress, the windmill, and cliffs overlooking the sea, with breathtaking views.

On foot or by bike you can also visit beautiful beaches. In the marina, a short walk from the village, you can have a chat with the fishermen that replicate the nets after a morning’s work. From the harbor we took a sailboat to make a wonderful tour with lunch and drinks included up to return to the mainland to the port of Hyeres.

We stayed in the pastel-colored rooms of Le Provencal hotel, overlooking the sea and surrounded by citrus scent and sound of cicadas and waves.

port-cros_Jacques Froissant
Port-Cros, ph. by Jacques Froissant, via flickr

Are you curious to discover this green and untouched paradise?

Here you can find more information on how to get there, and what to discover in the Natural Park of Port-Cros.
Cover image: Port-cros, ph. by Ian Robertson, via flickr

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