It’s time to stop linking the word «water» to the boring rain that kept us home during the Winter! Don’t you look forward to Spring, to the sweet fruits of Summer, to the taste of salty sea on your lips?

Sure, there is still time, but in the meantime we can start to think about water, the origin of life, as the element that will help us to regenerate our bodies in hibernation, preparing them to the tender Spring and to dazzling Summer.

Water and the romantic Summer storms, followed by a really deep quiet… The icy and limpid water of a mountain fountan that quench your thirst… the water that refreshes, cleans, feeds…
Water, water… But how many shapes the water has?
Let’s discover it together through 5 wellness ideas to chase away the laziness and the lethargy from body and mind!

Natural pools… With massaging water jets!

Off Messina, in the archipelago of Aeolian, on the island of Vulcano… If you go on zooming, quite near to the harbour you’ll find a thermal pool. It’s a little lake composed of the centenary muds of the vulcan; it is fuelled by some springs of sulphurous water that flows at more of 40 degree.
And this isn’t all: not really far from the pool, there is a part of sea called “hot waters” where you can rinse out the mud, enjoying the hydro-massage caused the vapours of the underwater fumarole. You can find other fumarole, around the pool’s crater. This thermal area is opened to the public in Spring and Summer. The mud’s properties (scrubs effect, analgesic action…) and the particularity of the landscape make this place a perfect destination to regenerate body and mind.

Our suggestion: stop off in a green accommodation to visit the other islands of the archipelago!

Reward your feet: a Kneipp way in Switzerland

The Härzlisee lake reflects the sky (Switzerland); on the background, a mountain chain coverd with snow
Härzlisee lake. Picture by Michael Groove via Flickr

We are about to begin a way around the Härzlisee lake. A really particular way… Neither because we are at 1.860 above sea level, nor because we are surrounded by a breath-taking view in a peaceful place. The point is that this time the protagonists will be our feet, tired of standing our strolls closed in the last fashion shoes. We’ll walk in the lake along its perimeter to awake their sensibility, stimulate and massage them through the contact with the different lake bottoms (sands, woods, gravel, mud). A panacea for the cardiovascular and immune systems, and for the general body wellness. Doctor Kneipp, funder of the hydrotherapy, would be enthusiastic about!

High-flying snuggles: discover the highest healt spa

At almost 3000 metres above sea level, in Val Senales (province of Bolzano) there the highest outer sauna of Europe. If you are wondering about why human beings colonised so inhospitable places, just imagine to admire the sunset on the snow-clad peaks, sunk in hot water, imagine to observe the sky and see more stars than ever in your life… And if you feel hungry, you can taste the typical cookery of the region offered by the kitchen of Refuge Bella Vista! The refuge manages a Swedish sauna and a heated pool; it offers the possibility to sleep inside igloos, built through their traditional technique. You can reach it by ski, snowboard, foot and snowmobile!

Sources and poems: the grotto of Alpulia that will fall you in love!

carsic grotto, opened because its roof is collapsed
Grotta della Poesia. Picture by Giacomo Carena via Flickr

Some kilometres from Otranto, there is one of the most beautiful natural pool in the world! It’s a carsic grotto, dug in the rock and shaped by the sea. It’s visible from outside thanks to the roof collapse. The name comes from the Greek word posia, referred to the source of freshwater source that once flows inside the grotto. But the legend had transformed the name in the more picturesque poesia (poem). The story tells about a beautiful princess that loved swimming here, so many men paid tribute to her writing poems about her beauty. There is canal that links the pool to the sea and it is accessible swimming.

Our suggestion: go and visit Otranto, a wonderful burg, rich of hustory… and green lodges!

The warm massage of the thermal waterfalls: Saturnia is waiting for you!

The falling-out among divinities weren’t just the origin of wars! Indeed, the legend narrates that thermal source of Saturnia was formed when Saturn eluded the Jupiter’s lightening and it fell on the heart.
The “Cascate del Mulino” (waterfalls of mull), one of the most evocative place of Maremma in Tuscany, are fuelled by the thermal source; the water’s gush is powerful enough to guarantee a constant water turnover. Over the centuries, the sulphurous water dug some pools in the travertine, where you can plunge enjoying the water massage and its healthy properties.
This site is really easy to reach and the entrance is free!

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