Looking at them all together, these shots in black and white that cut across all 5 continents amazed by the beauty and sacredness of our planet.

The author is Sebastião Salgado, 70, Brazilian, one of the greatest documentary photographers of our time. To achieve this photographic exhibition took 8 years and 32 trips in 5 continents.

This photographic project by the Brazilian artist is on show in Milan until November 2, and it’s a real trip around the world, from the Amazon rainforest, to the deserts of Africa, Indonesia, the glaciers of Antarctica. Guided by the look of Salgado meet off the beaten paths of men, tribes and animals escaped the embrace of contemporary civilization. And then glaciers, savannas, forests and deserts surrounded by silence.

A tale of beauty seen by the famous photographer, together with his life partner, Lelia Wanick (who is also the curator of the exhibition).

A journey in search of natural scenes that have never been infected by modernity. An adventure to the origins of the world and of our essence.

These photographs seem to tell how sustainable coexistence between man and the planet is necessary and possible. And you, what do you think?

Info: Genesis of Sebastião Salgado, from June 27st to November 2nd, Palazzo della Ragione Photography, Piazza dei Mercanti, Milan, www.palazzodellaragionefotografia.it

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