The following terms and conditions are for the purchase of your nights on the Ecobnb platform using the “Ecobnb Gift Card“.

Ecobnb Gift Card: a digital gift for green stays

The Ecobnb Gift Card is a prepaid payment card available in different denominations (€ 10, € 50, € 100, etc.) that can be used on the Ecobnb platform. The gift cards are issued digitally and are valid for 12 months from their activation.

Traveler: how can I use my gift card?

Using your digital gift card to book eco-friendly stays on Ecobnb is easy: follow the instructions on this page

Gift card: how to use your gift card on Ecobnb

Accommodation facility: how do you receive payment for a stay with a gift card?

When you receive a booking confirmation with a gift card, the confirmation message received via email from Ecobnb is distinguished by a green box (see image below). The message shows the following message:

For this booking an Ecobnb Gift Card was used.

The traveler will pay the cost of 0 € plus the Tourist Tax, if due.

Ecobnb will pay the amount of € 70, which will be subtracted from any commission of 10% if you do not have a PRO or PLUS membership.

You will have to issue an invoice / receipt addressed to the traveler for the total of € 70 and upload on our system the same invoice registered to the traveler. In this short video I explain how to do it.

Who pays the reservation with a gift card?

As explained in the message you receive via email from Ecobnb:

  • Ecobnb will pay the amount purchased by the traveler with a gift card, indicated in the reservation message;
  • the Traveler will pay you the remaining sum (indicated in the reservation message) and any tourist tax.

Who do you need to issue the invoice/receipt?

In the case of booking with a giftcard you must issue an invoice or receipt to the traveler, as in the case of a normal booking through Ecobnb.

How do you receive payment from the Traveler?

You can decide to receive the amount due to the traveler in the manner you prefer.

How do I receive the payment from Ecobnb?

Homepage of Ecobnb, after login, at the top right of the menu you can find the button "Payment Request"
Homepage of Ecobnb, after login, at the top right of the menu you can find the button “Payment Request”

To receive payment of the gift card fee payable by Ecobnb you must log in to Ecobnb with your credentials, and click on the button “Payment Request” that you find in the menu at the top right. This will open the page of payment requests for your accommodation:

Request for payment of an accommodation facility on Ecobnb

To create a payment request, you must enter the following information:

  • Date of receipt/invoice (issued to the Traveler)
  • Number of the receipt/invoice
  • Amount due from Ecobnb or the amount to be paid by Ecobnb, as indicated in the email message. In the event of inaccuracies, the amount is automatically adjusted by the system.
  • Upload the invoice/receipt issued to the traveler relating to the stay.

Once the 4 data have been entered, simply click on the green “Receipt / Invoice” button to send the payment request to Ecobnb.

When do I receive payment from Ecobnb?

Within 48 hours from your payment request, you will receive the payment confirmation, and the Ecobnb invoice for the 10% commission if is due.

The payment of Ecobnb will take place through the Stripe secure online payment system directly to the indicated current account of the accommodation. You will, therefore, have a payment from Stripe on your account, according to the bank transition times.

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