Being an Ecobnb’s Superhero means respecting all 10 of our sustainability requirements, it means that you strongly believe in sustainable tourism, it means that you’ve created an accommodation that truly respects the environment.

Ecobnb has decided to reward these fantastic hosts with exclusive badges. Being an Eco Superhero of our community is indeed an added value for your hospitality, and you can now let your guests know it even before their arrival, via the badges you can find on this page.

Badges are images, prestigious signs of recognition that you can display on your web site, or print and show in your accommodation. They represent a simple but powerful marketing tool, which Ecobnb offers for free, to promote your ecological quality and to let your guests know about your commitment to the environment.

Eco Hero Badges

All accommodations can become Superheroes of Green Hospitality. Learn from other hosts around the world, be up-to-date with the latest eco-friendly technologies, always choose organic and biodegradable products. In the countryside, in the mountains or in the city, electricity from renewable sources can get anywhere: if you can not install solar or photovoltaic panels, you can choose among many clean energy providers. If your accommodation is not accessible by bicycle or public transport, consider organizing a transfer service for your guests. Becoming a Superhero will help saving the environment , while meeting  the needs of a growing number of new travelers.