At a height of 2078 meters above sea level, here is an incredible view of Lake Garda and Brenta Dolomites. We are on the top of Mount Altissimo, the highest peak of Mount Baldo. A popular destination among all nature lovers, it is one of the reasons why it is worth visiting Trentino. Do you want to come with us?

Between the lake and Mount Altissimo: a green holiday

The view from Mount Altissimo, Trentino
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Spending a holiday in the Upper Garda means fully experiencing nature, enjoying a great variety of landscapes, and engaging in numerous activities. We have chosen to stay in a special place, nestled right between the lake and Mount Altissimo. It is the B&B Arpa di Pietra, a unique place immersed in two hectares of terraced meadows, on the edge of Mori wood, just 15 minutes from the lake. Here guests are greeted with a welcome drink, have at their disposal beautiful rooms, characterized by the scent of wood, and a small, welcoming wellness center. After an organic and local breakfast, our adventure begins.

The lake invites us to relax: there are those who do it by sunbathing while admiring the landscape and those who try their hand at water sports, from windsurfing to sailing. Around us, the mountains form a breathtaking setting. Among these, it is easy to identify the Mount Baldo group with its highest peak, Mount Altissimo.

Mount Altissimo, the mountain above the lake

Mount Altissimo, the mountain above the lake
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Mount Baldo is a massif of limestone and dolomitic rocks that stretches for 40 kilometers from Trentino to Veneto, along Lake Garda. The area, which is part of Mount Baldo Natural Park, has an extraordinary variety of flowers and plants. In fact, the massif is famous among botanists from all over the world, who have given it the nickname Hortus Europae. Among mountain pines, olive groves, orange trees, rhododendrons, and millenary flowers, Mount Baldo and its highest peak, Mount Altissimo, represent the ideal place to connect directly with pristine nature. But perhaps what is most surprising is the landscape that this mountain offers. It is a real balcony on the lake and it dominates the entire valley.

The signs of the Great War on Mount Altissimo

Mount Altissimo has always been a borderland that separates the plains and the Alps. It was also a border area between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the First World War. Even today it is possible to see routes of military railways, trenches, and war posts. And this is another reason why this place is so special and evocative.

Slow itineraries on Mount Altissimo

Slow itineraries on Mount Altissimo
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Like the whole area of ​​the lake, Mount Altissimo is also dotted with paths that you can tackle on foot or by mountain bike. The trails, of varying degrees of difficulty, wind their way through alpine huts, ups and downs, and alpine pastures, offering evocative views and unforgettable emotions. For example, a path starts from the Graziani Hotel and reaches the summit via the hiking-tourist path no. 633. From San Giacomo, you can take path no. 622 up to Malga Campo; and then continue on a very steep path leading to Mount Altissimo’s top. It is a more demanding itinerary, and you can cover it in summer and winter with snowshoes.

One of the most complete itineraries is the one that starts from Passo San Valentino. It allows you to fully enjoy the beauty and history of Mount Altissimo. Follow the 650 trail sign, starting a demanding climb to reach Malga Bes through the bends of the First World Word railway.

The route continues at the foot of a Nature Reserve until it reaches the Graziani Refuge (1617 m). From here begins the dirt road (trail sign Sat n 633) which leads us to the Damiano Chiesa refuge (2050 m) in 4 km. Once you arrive at the Damiano Chiesa refuge, it is possible to visit the barracks of the Italian army during the Great War. Continue the climb for a few tens of meters and you will finally reach the top of Mount Altissimo. The 180° view leaves you breathless. On clear days you can see Lake Garda in its entirety.

Not just nature

Green holiday in Trentino

Staying at the B&B Arpa di Pietra we not only have the opportunity to experience a holiday immersed in nature. We can indeed reach Rovereto and Trento, even by train, where interesting museums and characteristic past are waiting for us. You can’t miss the villages overlooking the lake, the oil tastings; and special lunches based on trout, canederli, and Carne salada.

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