A village with an ancient soul, a majestic castle, and around the surprising beauty of Adamello Brenta Natural Park: today we take you to Stenico, the perfect destination for a holiday amidst nature, art, and history in Italy.

Casa Flora
© Michele Zeni, Archivio Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta

Stenico is the jewel of Giudicarie, a quiet valley in Trentino, and is the perfect intertwining of medieval alleys, typical houses, and noble palaces. Among the streets and squares with beautiful fountains, you can breathe a suggestive atmosphere, where time seems to have stopped and everything flows more slowly. Above us, perched on a rocky spur, there’s the Stenico Castle which seems to dominate the entire valley; while around we can admire the Brenta Dolomites, which invite us to explore the woods and the mountain landscapes. Thus we begin to visit this enchanting village, discovering all it has to offer us.

Castel Stenico, the residence of the Prince Bishop of Trento

Stenico's Castle
Michele Zeni, Archivio Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta

We must start from here, from the symbol of Stenico. This imposing medieval fortress dating back to the 12th century testifies to the importance of these places throughout history. It was owned by the Prince Bishop of Trento who over the years transformed the building into a valuable residence capable of controlling the territory with the presence of one of his officials, the Captain of the Giudicarie, who administered the area both on a military, economic and political level.

In this period, which the tower of hunger where prisoners were condemned to die of starvation dates back to, the castle of Stenico was the political, administrative, and judicial center of the entire valley. After that, it was used by the Austrian government as the seat of the Imperial Royal Judgment and Tax Office and, after the ownership was transferred to the Italian state property, it was used as a Magistrate’s Court.

Putting aside its fascinating history, Castel Stenico today represents one of the best-preserved and most fascinating fortified complexes in the whole of Trentino. Visiting the fortress it is easy to imagine the life that took place inside it. You can also admire ancient artifacts and complex mechanisms of ancient coffers and, not least, from its gardens and rooms you can observe the nature that surrounds it.

Rio Bianco waterfalls

Rio Bianco waterfalls near Stenico
© Michele Zeni, Archivio Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta

It’s true that the entire Adamello Brenta Natural Park and the surroundings of Stenico deserve to be seen, but it also certain that the Rio Bianco waterfall represents the pearl of this territory. Of karst origin, it is located a short distance from the castle of Stenico and disappears during the winter and then reappears with the arrival of spring. You can reach it with an easy walk, suitable for children and adults, among suggestive views of the village and passing through the enchanting Botanical Garden. Arriving is a real emotion: in front of us all the power of nature. You can go up to the bridge that crosses the thunderous waters of Rio Bianco river. Watching the jump up close is truly exhilarating!

Arte Stenico wood

Bosco Arte Stenico
Michele Zeni, Archivio Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta

It is so beautiful that we had already talked about it here: Arte Stenico wood (Bosco Arte Stenico) is the perfect combination of art and nature. It is a suggestive path that develops in the woods, near the town of Stenico, where there are not only trees, plants, and traces of animals, but also fascinating contemporary sculptures and works created strictly with natural materials. So, a place where the works of nature meet those created by man.

Where to sleep in Stenico

eco-friendly accommodations in Stenico

In Stenico there is the B&B La Lanterna, an eco-friendly accommodation that offers comfortable rooms, a large garden with an organic vegetable garden, a relaxation area, and a stube. In the morning, a delicious breakfast with local and organic products awaits you.

It is not over here: the Ethnographic Museum Par Ieri is worth a visit, a few kilometers from Stenico there are the Terme di Comano to spend a few hours of relaxation and in Adamello Brenta Park you can discover countless paths and enchanting places. Ready to go? Pack your bag and book your holiday!

Cover photo © Moroder, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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