If you have just moved into a new condo, the little things you do can help preserve the air, reduce landfill waste, and protect our natural landscape.

A green living is one that makes efficient use of resources and energy with minimal impact on the environment. Being environmentally conscious will not only help you contribute to a sustainable environment but protect the planet from man-made damages. Many homeowners are choosing to incorporate eco-friendly strategies in their homes to play their role in protecting the environment.

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If you have just moved into a new condo, the little things you do can help preserve the air, reduce landfill waste and protect our natural landscape. Making your condo eco-friendly is an excellent way to improve your style of living and functionality. If you from Canada and looking for a great condo that can facilitate all your needs, the Yee Hong Garden Terrace condo at 9750 Yonge Street is a property that you should look out for.

You can even encourage people in your life such as family, friends, and even neighbours to make a sustainable living. There are many ways one can make sustainable changes in your condo. People often don’t know how to make a meaningful change because they simply don’t know from where to begin. Here are a few ways that you can make your condo friendly.

Switch to LED lights

LED lights are the new standard and trend of the market. Traditional bulbs create a lot of heat and waste a lot of money. LED lights are one of the simplest eco-friendly changes that you can add to your condo. There are more energy-efficient and can even last up to 20 years, giving you more value for your money. It is a great option for condo lighting and to reduce your carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly Air Conditioners

A simple way for conserving energy is avoid to use traditional air conditioners or replace them with energy-friendly air conditioners. It is a great addition to your condo as it reduces energy and even saves money by almost 90% off your current energy bill. These green-friendly home appliances produce fewer radiation levels than their traditional counterparts. But it is not just your air conditioner that you should consider replacing with eco-friendly ones. Make sure you choose other energy-efficient appliances, too.

Save Water

6 Ways To Make Your Condo More Eco-Friendly
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Whether an eco-friendly home or no, conserving water should be crucial and important in every home. Being of the most precious resources, we must use it wisely. A few ways that you can implement in your homes are fixing leaks, switching to low-flow showerheads, and installing aerators on your faucets. You can also consider washing your clothes in cold water and air drying them, this will help you save money and energy as well.

Seal Energy Leaks

A lot of energy is wasted with poorly insulated walls, windows, and even ceilings. That means energy can escape through these gaps which cause your heating and cooling systems to work harder. It is important to maintain and replace seals if necessary as they tend to deteriorate over time. Modern styled windows and doors are more energy-efficient even though they might be costly. But they definitely improve energy costs and lower energy consumption. Make sure to check for leaks in places like plumbing, ductwork, and electrical work as well to prevent further loss of energy.

Repaint and Reclaim Furniture

If your furniture looks old and maybe a bit outdated, don’t throw them out yet. There is always a possibility of repainting any furniture in your condo such as closets, drawers cabinets and reuse them. This reduces waste in landfills and maximizes the use of your furniture. You can also reclaim wood materials and repaint them to give them a brand new look. It is one of the most common eco-friendly exercises in interior decorating. To revamp the look of reclaimed materials, you can opt for odor-free and eco-friendly paints that cause less harm to the environment and yourself as well.

Decorate with Plants

Having a garden in condos can be difficult but that should stop you from decorating your home with some well-potted plants. Plants never fail to amaze people, they not only help in purifying indoor air quality but also enhances the aesthetic appeal. At the same time, it adds colour and vibrancy which makes your home more welcoming. Decorating plants like Ladypalm, Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Rubber Plant, and many more can help keep your home more healthy and eco-friendly. It does take a bit of responsibility to take care of plants but it’s surely worth it.

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Living sustainably and eco-friendly may seem like a daunting task. But living a life that reduces a great toll on the environment is totally worth it.