Discover the plateau of the Tesino, an enchanting valley of Trentino, rich in nature, art, history and culture. It is the ideal place to take a break from the frenzy of everyday life and slow down, sunbathing in the grass and soaking in the scents and colors of reborning nature. If you are looking for an holiday in a still authentic and untouched territory, where man’s work is in harmony with the landscape, absolutely do not miss this place.

The villages of Tesino (Trentino Alto Adige)

The plateau of Tesino is located at the end of a side valley of Valsugana, in Trentino, not far from the city of Trento. As you approach, you have the impression to completely abandon the industrialized areas, penetrating between lush green flower meadows, forests and cozy little villages. Just past the Step of Fork opens the Conca of Tesino, with its three villages: Pieve, Castello and Cinte, surrounded by the peaks of the Lagorai chain.
The three villages are very characteristic, with lovely places to visit, walking through the streets, sometimes very narrow, looking upwards to the deep blue and cloudless sky. You will be surprised by the amount of fountains that you will find in Pieve and friendliness typical of mountain people of Castello. Cinte has just over 300 inhabitants, but offers an impressive sight on the surrounding valley.

Authentic nature in Tesino

Tesino is a place of unspoilt nature, exploding in its beauty during the spring. Plants and flowers-filled meadows are all around, and there are many activities to do: from hiking in the woods and in the surrounding peaks, including the massif of Cima d’Asta, to walks in the Arboreto and the Europe Garden, an area located in the valley between the three villages, where you will discover plants from around the world and their characteristics and observe with your children eggs that become frogs. Do not forget a visit to the Valnuvola cave, karst formation along the Grigno river, and in the evening, do not miss the unique opportunity to observe stars and planets, visiting the Observatory of Celado.

Art, history and culture in Tesino

Tesino is also a place rich in history, of which there are traces and evidences in the two main museums in Pieve Tesino. The Museo per Via tells stories of travellers: the people from thi place, between 1700 and 1800, went around the world, working as peddler, a seasonal job that allowed them to live with dignity throughout the year. The museum tells stories of men and children who were leaving with their wooden suitcases, full of objects and precious prints, and stories of women who took care of the house and the farm work while the family was away. The Casa De Gasperi museum tells the story of this character, Father of Europe, and the events surrounding his life. The story of the two wars has left its testimony even on the territory: in the mountains still remains traces of bunkers built along the front lines.
But walking through the streets of the villages you will be also surprised by the amount of fifteenth-century palaces and churches, often beautifully painted, that you can visit!

Green and slow holidays in Tesino

tesino spring

Tesino decided to become a destination for a slow and sustainable tourism by promoting the territory for its authenticity and cultural identity. You get the impression of completely disconnect, nature will make you slow down with its relaxed pace. If you want to leave the car at home, take the railway line up to Borgo Valsugana and reach Tesino by bus. You will then have the opportunity to travel the area by bike or on foot. Even the hospitality is dedicated to wellness and genuine simplicity: the kitchen offers dishes from the mountain tradition, created from local products, grown in this valley and you will find cozy camping in the woods, comfortable hotel and B & B.

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Cover image: M. Ray via Flickr