Ecobnb is back on newsstands of Germany! This time to talk about sustainable travel and our portal is the widespread Magazin Exclusiv that deals with lifestyle and travel. The German magazine dedicated to Ecobnb a short article.

The German Magazin Exclusiv talks about us

Biohotel, Treehouse or zero-emission Mountain Chalet – Ecobnb, the new booking platform for eco-friendly travel to Italy and Europe, is now on the German market.

Ecobnb combines the small businesses that are dedicated entirely to eco-sustainable tourism in one website. In the network you can find accommodations in many regions of Italy, from South Tyrol to Sicily and also in other European regions.

Read the article on Magazin Exclusiv about Ecobnb

Author: Chiara Marras

Sono Chiara, 28 anni, una laurea in tasca e tanti progetti in mente. Credo fortemente nel web come punto di scambio e divulgazione e penso che uno dei temi più urgenti in questo momento sia l'eco-sostenibilità. Perché allora non riscoprire il viaggio come unione con la natura e con la cultura locale?
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