Meeting point at 10.00 AM on September,7th at Nocetum
And …off we go!
Nocetum, Fiab Ciclohobby and Rete Valle dei Monaci, together with Servizio per la pastorale sociale e del lavoro, have launched the “Moving sentinels” initiative: 15 km on bicycle along the protected path crossing the faraway south limits of the Parco Agricolo Sud of Milan.
5 km and we will be reaching the ancient and Romanic Abbey of Chiaravalle a Cistercian monastic complex dating to 1135.
10 km more through countryside lanes and roads will lead us to the more mysterious Abbey of Mirasole. Abandoned 500 years ago by the Humiliati oder, the friars of a new oder have been living there since 2013 and trying to restore the abbey to its original function: a centre for spiritual life and for agriculture.

The Abbey of Mirasole was one of the richest and most flourishing agricultural property of the area and the friars made use of the most modern techical tools and practice both for crops and for wool weaving.
Is the old story of the Abbey and its new story tickling your curiosity?
Do not miss the free guided tour starting at 02.30 PM or you may wish to go to the theatre performance “La radio e il filo spinato” about Father Kolbe, his experience in the Nazi lager and his hope in the strength of love.

The entire path spans over 15km and it will show us the new initiatives for EXPO 2015 in the Parco Agricolo Sud:
Parco Vettabia: This green park just a few minutes from Milan city centre is the selected location for the Giardino dei Frutti antichi, a garden where the old vegetable and fruit species will grow: Pomona apples, wild figs, sorbs etc.
Casa Chiaravalle: An old rural property around a large courtyard whose buildings are being completely restructured to house families in need of a home.
Casa San Bernardo: Abandoned by farmers who flew to the big city the old rural property will come back to life thanks to a series of initiatives. A kid lab is one of these initiatives: a lab especially designed for children who have grown up in the city to discover Nature.

Want to join?

Just email to or call 02.55230575

Nature sentinels? …on the bikes!

Author: Cristiana Pedrali

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