Who has not thought at least once in their life to abandon all sources of stress and move into a green and unspoiled place? Start living in the nature, doing something that we love and that rewards us, in a way of life marked by the green economy.

You must be full of passion to take this path and go on day by day with strong motivation, as it shows Elisabetta Monti’s experience in her small business in Mezzomonte di Folgaria.


The success of small organic farms

La Fonte farm is one of the few, in Trentino, not based on monocultures entrusted to large-scale distribution business, which make the profits grow in spite of losing the real value of rural life.

Elisabetta, after some experiences abroad, decided to pursue an idea of sobriety living a life close to nature in her own land, starting from nothing (a rundown farm) an efficient and environmental production, that now also leads educational activities through visits and laboratories, to students such as to visitors and tourists.

Her success is based on a direct link with consumers, on the supply of diversified but small quantity of products, so they can ensure a completely organic product. And of course a great passion for nature and environment.

Campolibero decree, green economy italy


The Campolibero Decree

Values ​​such as the rediscovery of old traditions and a production in respect of nature, may now be more widespread thanks to the italian Decree 91 of June 24, 2014, called Campolibero Decree, which sets facilities for young people who follow the path of agribusiness, deductions and hiring incentives for the companies, and greater security in a matter of GMOs.

Farmers up to 35 years will have a deduction of 19% on the renting of lands, while new farm companies of people under 40 can avail of loans at zero interest. Companies are also encouraged in recruitment of young people between 18 and 30 thanks to a compensation on the contributions of one third of the gross wage.

Other measures aim at improve operations of recovery, monitoring of land at risk (especially in Terra dei Fuochi) and preservation of the Made in Italy.

A green future

According to Coldiretti data, entries to the agricultural colleges for the year 2015 are rising, a good sign of the interest shown by young people and that put trust for a generational change in the management of agricultural and food.

In this way it may be possible to boost youth employment, that will bring use of innovative tools and ideas towards sustainable production, spreading a natural and rewarding way of life. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in the midst of nature?

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