From the glaciers of the Alps, to the friendly Basilicata region, from the peaks of the Dolomites to the crystal sea of ​​Liguria, crossing the Emilian Apennines, 5 short videos that will make you travel now!

We start from the Matterhorn, one of the mountains, which, with its geometry and grandeur, has always fascinated artists and travelers. In this video by Christian Muehlhauser, with music by Roberto Cacciapaglia, we discover one of the most beautiful mountains of Italy, to travel through time and seasons, the snow, the sun and the stars.
If after watching the video you are going to visit it really, you must know that the eco-friendly proposals of this natural paradise are many. Here you will find all the green accommodations of the area of the Matterhorn.


Let’s move to Liguria, between amazing rocks that plunge to the sea, winding paths, woods and sounds of the waves. The heartbeat accompanies the exciting journey of a climber, a cyclist and a crazy tightrope walker. Nature and adventure are protagonists. If you are ready for a full immersion among the sea, cliffs and woods, here you will find all the ecofriendly hotels and B&B in Liguria.


Let’s cross the impressive peaks of the Emilia Romagna Apennines, bypassing gradients with the backpack and sticks, following the old streets of the pilgrims, without a clear destination or timetable.  Following the steps of the italian writer Enrico Brizzi, we live an adventure at walking speed along the “Alta via dei Parchi”, from Berceto, in the province of Parma, through eight national parks, to Monte Carpegna, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, now in view of the Adriatic sea. If you want to rediscover the taste of the “slow speed”, this is the route to walk along the “Alta Via dei Parchi”, in Emilia Romagna.


Welcome to Basilicata, one of the most forgotten regions of Italy, but also one of the most unspoiled, told through a beautiful video by Matthew Brown. A succession of experiences, nature and food, places, people and traditions that make us travel now in a warm and hospitable land. If you want to discover Basilicata in an eco-sustainable way, these are all the green accommodation in Basilicata.


Let’s go back to the Alps, this time between the Veneto Dolomites, in Val di Zoldo, discovering the many colors of a charming and authentic valley. White, as the soft snow to cross cheerfully with snowshoeing, skiing or sledding. Red like the fire in the fogher. Brown, like the wood of the old homes and the traditional Gnaga masks. Green as meadows, trails, woods, grass moving in the lively mouth of a goat. Many colors that is hard to resist! If you want to immerse yourself in the pristine nature of the Dolomites, here you will find all the bio hotels of the Zoldo Valley!

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