Finally winter has come… and with it the long-awaited …Snow ! Here’s a different funny idea … in order to use your mountain bike even in winter: the “snow bike“! Trails and unpaved paths covered with snow can be enjoyed biking!

Do you want to take a vacation, or do you want to experience something unusual in the snow? Here are three routes, from the Valtellina to Trentino, to find snow-bike.

You will use an ordinary mountain bike with covers (rubber – tire) carved and /or tessellated or even spikes (especially with packed snow and ice).

Usually snow bike also means a modified bicycle where the wheels are sosituite slopes, very similar to cross-country skiing and cycling instead of using the rider at the bottom of the skis wide and short to give a push and glide over the snow . This option is definitely more fun. It allows you to get off the slopes, while the more experienced will be engaged in jumps and stunts . The snowcycle or snowbike have shoes instead of wheels, it is easy to drive and are very agile.

Snow bike con pattini
Snow bike


Snow-bike in high Valtellina (Lombardy)

One way to discover or rediscover the woods, trails, forest tracks (covered during the spring-summer period) accompanied by instructors “masters” of the Alta Valtellina scout bike Bike School, located in Bormio. Through cross-country trails or slopes of Alpine ski slopes suitably selected in the wide panorama of ski resort “ski arena” of the Alta Valtellina is possible to see the true untouched and virgin nature.
An alternative way to enjoy the freedom of movement that only a mountain bike can ensure in the environment of the Stelvio National Park . Here, why not to stop in the beautiful sustainable B&B Villaverde, in the heart of Grosio?

Grosio is an ancient town situated on the right bank of the Adda, in m. 650. Rich in history, art and traditions. You can also visit the petroglyphs park, including the rock hall with more than 5000 representations of prehistoric and medieval castles, the museum and the park of Villa Visconti Venosta, the old town with the churches of S. George and St. Joseph and the Valgrosina the Mortirolo with its endless opportunities: hiking – mountaineering – mountain biking and snow bikes, of course, but also refreshing walks in search of mushrooms or berries, culinary specialties and local products.
With a few more miles you can get to Livigno (famous tourist center and duty free area) S. Catherine, the Stelvio and St. Moritz.

Info: Alta Valtellina and Alta Rezia by mountain bikeSilvio Mevio, Instructor Alta Valtellina Bike School, Tel: + 39 3357108156, E mail: 

person with bike in the snow storm on the beach

Snow-bike in Val di Sole (Trentino)

The Dolomites, from Madonna di Campiglio to Val di Fiemme could not miss the passion for snow biking. Here you can enjoy carved and special paths for nordic sport lovers. For a nap you can think of taking a trip to Alp Hotel Taller Wellness & Sport, in Val di Sole (Trentino), a beautiful example of eco sustainable in Folgarida, to fully enjoy the patrolled places on two wheels.

Info: Snow bike on Dolomiti


Snow-bike in Val di Fiemme (Trentino)

In Val di Fiemme, including Cavalese and Predazzo, you can go biking in the snow on special paths. Along the trail around the woods, plains and downhill. Some routes are especially suitable for beginners. Here you can stop and rejuvenate at the Eco Hotel Ancora, beautifully location between the Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa, which offers views of the Dolomites and a free shuttle service to and from the Latemar Ski Centre, 1 km distance .
Hotel Ancora has been awarded the Ecolabel for its attention towards eco-sustainability. Try this funny variation of the two wheels! Zero impact and landscape will be your mantra!
Tips for snow bikers: dress appropriately with suitable materials and always wear a helmet!

Author: Angela Sebastianelli

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