A new kind of horse riding experience down in the land of the best italian food

Every year, about fifty extraordinary guys, meet themselves to realize a charity event that has raised al lot of funds in aid of local AVIS and poor children all around the world, through ticket sales and donations.

The event is a horse game, named “Dove si va” (from the famous italian song), easy and funny. It was created 6 years ago, in memory of Gian Maria Casaroli, a close friend of nature and horses, who loved to work hard and died on 28 decembere 2005, after a terrible car crash. Lives of his family and his friend all from that day is a bit changed: all these people have become a community of thoughts, eyes and emotions, that every year tries to help children.

Every horseman, in this amazing game, has to deal with archery, medieval game, quiz and so on, in order to reach the “treasure”, a beautiful and tasty “culatello“.

All of those games will carry the horseman to a route of about 35 km, in green ancient woods towards the river Po. This walk can be ride by coaches and cabs too.

Riding a horse means a lot of things: friendship, love, green, sunsets, good feeling, this is the reason why we suggest for you and your family all this unique experience.

The event will start on october, the 5th, with a wonderful dinner, open to anybody who do love horses and nature. After this nice and funny possibility of meeting the walk will start on Sunday (6 october) from Ragazzola (Roccabianca-PR).

For those wishing to stay overnight and extend this unique experience, Gian Maria family offers a nice and eco-friendly B&B, completely renovated preserving its original structure. It offers modern and confortable rooms and amazing local food: cheese, fresh milk, jam, honey and bread.

In the nearby you can also find the B&B Podere Roveto, in Cannetolo, Fontanellato (PR), a Charming, comfortable and budget-priced rooms right in the heart of the land of food, that offers delicious breakfast with a lot of salami and salted pork.

In the beautiful San Secondo Parmense countryside, an other ecofriendly Bed and Breakfast, Dalla Nonna Maria, offers a familiar atmosphere, a free shuttle service to the River Po, free bike rental, and a organic buffet breakfast that include homemade cakes and tarts.

Good friends and strong feelings for an unusual Sunday on a horseback.




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Author: Angela Sebastianelli

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