From May 25 to June 2 2013, exhibitions, shows, conventions and many itineraries to discover the historic districts of the city, the hidden coves of the Po river, or the mud volcanoes of Rivalta. These are the events of “IT.A.CÀ – Migrants and Travelers” scheduled in Parma.

On the occasion of the fifth edition of the Festival of Responsible Tourism, also Parma decided to join the initiative with a full program of events designed specifically to offer the public with unusual knowledge of places by promoting sustainable tourism.


Also, there are over 30 package tours including guided tours, excursions, tastings and overnight stays in hotels, bed and breakfasts and cottages from Parma to Rimini, visible and bookable.

This is the program of all the initiatives in Parma:

Saturday, May 25
Parma, piazza C. Battisti, 10 AM – 5 PM
Slow Food day, an event dedicated to the promotion of fresh, local and seasonal produce and traditional recipes in the company of food communities “Tortel Dols”.


Saturday, May 25
Polesine Parmense, departure from the port 2.30 PM
Navigating the Great River, boat trip to discover the secrets of the Po: animal footprints on the beaches, aromatic wild herbs, native plants, bee-eaters nesting. For the more daring chance to stay in a oxbow lake formed as a result of artificial excavations, water resurgence and clear, for a refreshing bath.
Cost: € 17 per person
Info: 338 5951432 Stefano Barborini.


Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26
Zibello, piazza C. Battisti Pieveottoville at 9 AM
Tour in horse-drawn carriage through the campaigns of Guareschi and Verdi,  along the banks of the boulevards and the floodplain of the River Po. Visit to an old and fascinating wine cellar with the production of ham from Zibello and to the ancient manor of Roccabianca.
Meeting point: Piazza C. Battisti Pieveottoville (Zibello).
Cost: 10 € / hour adults, 5 € / hour for up to 12 years.
Info: 333 6047905 Cecilia.


Sunday, May 26
Parma, p.le Bizzozero, by bicycle 2.30 PM                                                                    Traversetolo, p.le Assistenza Pubblica, 3 PM by foot.
Leaving for Cronovilla to the discovery of the Knights of Italy: excursion with naturalist guide to the former quarries, today wetland refuge birdlife.
Participation: on-site registration with insurance, cost 3 €.
Organized by Fiab / Bicinsieme Parma.
Departure by foot from Traversetolo: 3 PM. Meeting: Traversetolo, p.le Assistenza Pubblica. Organized by Legambiente Valtermina.
Arrival in Cronovilla 4.30 PM. Visit to the Oasis with nature guide.
Info: 333-1659637 Legambiente Valtermina, 339 8123784 Fiab / Bicinsieme Parma


Parma, Via Montebello (angle along Parma), departure 7.30 AM
Walk to discover the hidden corners of Parma, slow and friendly walk in the city and along Parma river. Path: 4.5 km with start and finish in the same spot. Journey time: 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Edited by Uisp Parma – Area Perlagrandetà.
Info: 346 6229512 (Uisp Parma – Area Perlagrandetà)


Parma, Botanical Garden (via Farini 90), from 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM
Spring in the Botanical Garden: Guided tour to the Botanical Gardens and the Museum of Natural History.
Guide edited by: Linda Spallanzani, Andrea Pellegrini and Stefano Bulla (Department of Biosciences, University of Parma).
Info: 0521 033433



Torrile, Oasi Lipu, 9 – 11 AM
We explore the Oasis: guided tour to the Oasis Naturalistic of Torrile.
Meeting point: parking of the reserve Torrile, Via Allende 21, Torrile, Guide: Nicholas Toscani.
Cost: € 4 adults, 3 € for children aged 6 to 14 years, free under 6 years (max number of persons: 25).
Edited by Lipu Parma
Info: 0521 810606


Parma, parco Bizzozero, 9 PM
Tales about cycle-travels, bicycle journeys and lenses routes in Italy and abroad.
Edited by Fiab / Bicinsieme Parma,
Info: 339 8123784


Parma, Auditorium, Governore’s Palace, Piazza Garibaldi; 6 PM
Conference “For responsible tourism: territory, networks, actors”, sponsored by ViaggiVerdi, in collaboration with the City of Parma.
Tasting of organic wines and local specialities, offered by local producers Colorno Slow Food.
Edited by ViaggiVerdi.


Saturday, June 1
Barboj Rivalta Park (Rivalta, Lesignano de Bagni), starting from 9.30 AM.
Walk to Barboj Rivalta and organic locally grown market: slow trekking to Barboj Rivalta.
Edited by Uisp Parma – Area Perlagrandetà.
Info: 346 6229512 (Uisp Parma – Area Perlagrandetà)
Upon arrival organic and locally grown market “Gastronauti Lesignano.”

Saturday, June 1
Parma, Oltretorrente
Artisan for a day. Travel in the workshops and laboratories of Parma to discover the tradition.
Edited by: APLA


Sunday, June 2
“Sweet” Ti-bre from Verona to Livorno. To discover the landscapes of the ducal residences, 2 possible routes:
a) Parma-Colorno-Sacca-Sabbioneta
b) Parma-Sala Cisa, with a regenerating stop in the eco-friendly B&B “Il Richiamo del Bosco” (Boschi di Carrega).
Departure: 8.30 AM, meeting in Parma, Parco Ducale, the bridge side Verdi.
Participation: registration with insurance, cost 3 €.
Edited by Fiab / Bicinsieme Parma
Info:, tel. 339 8123784


Sunday, June 2
Parma, Parco Ducale, 11:00
Parco Ducale, free guided tour of the exhibition “Play” at the Eucherio Sanvitale Palace. Meeting place: Parco Ducale, the bridge side Verdi.
Edited by IAT Parma
Info:, tel. 0521 218889

Sunday, June 2
Parma, piazza Steccata, 10 AM – 8 PM
Yard of the biological, market dedicated to organic production and certified products
Edited by CNA Parma


Cover photo: Parma, Steccata, photography by Carra