Reward your customers or promote your products giving a green experience in one of the more than three thousand eco-friendly accommodations of Ecobnb, with the new Eco Gift Vouchers

You are a business company or a public body? Ecobnb offers you the opportunity to purchase bulks of green-holidays gift vouchers that you can give to your customers or employees.

Our vouchers are adapted to different needs and different goals, for example, they can be employed:

  • within competitions awards
  • to increase the flow of customers or tourists in a particular destination
  • as a Christmas gift for employees or as a company bonus
  • to retain existing customers or acquire new ones

Why choose Ecobnb gift vouchers?

Travel is always a welcome gift and with Ecobnb the recipient will choose the destination, booking one of the many accommodations of our network.

Also, you’ll choose a company committed to protecting the environment and attentive to local communities, so that you can share an important message with your customers or employees.

Accommodation facilities in the Ecobnb’s network save up to 90% of CO2 emissions compared to a traditional hotel. This means that accommodation with all 10 sustainability requirements saves up to 8085 g of CO2 and 302 liters of water per person per day. The amount of CO2 can be translated into trees, reduce CO2 emissions is equivalent to plant them while producing emissions is the same as destroying them. Book a night in the greenest accommodations of Ecobnb is equivalent to planting 295 trees. A gesture that can save the world. Thanks to our partnership with HowManyTrees we can calculate exactly the amount of CO2 saved for each stay and we offer to companies that buy the gift vouchers a free report on the nights spent and the amount of CO2 and trees saved.

Contact us and tell us your needs as a business or public administration, and we will do everything possible to find together the perfect solution.

Those who already believed in Ecobnb

Alpine Pearls logologhi-parchi-300x180-adamellobrentahenkel-logo    Those who already believed in Ecobnb: Olio Zucchi        Those who already believed in Ecobnb: Unilever    logo_MUSE_verde_nospace            Those who already believed in Ecobnb: Agos             Those who already believed in Ecobnb: Liquigas          Those who already believed in Ecobnb: Tetra Pak        Those who already believed in Ecobnb: Calvé       Slovenia Green is partner of Ecobnb

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