Solve gift anxiety, waste and pollution in a single move: give unique and sustainable experiences with Ecobnb’s digital Gift Cards!

Does finding the right gift for each person seem like an impossible mission? Are you still looking for the perfect gift that does not end up in the box of unused objects and is light on the environment? Easy: choose the Ecobnb Gift Card to give a unique and green experience, an unforgettable journey in harmony with Nature!

Give a Green Experience with the Ecobnb Gift Card

Gift Card: the new Ecobnb digital gift cardsA weekend in an organic farm to learn how to make cheese, or a yoga holiday. A romantic getaway in an ancient castle turned into a popular hotel, or a night in a glamping surrounded by nature. A holiday on the snow, sleeping in an igloo, a night in an old mill or in a lighthouse surrounded by the sea …

The possibilities are endless, and what is certain is that experience makes you happy both in the moment in which it is lived and later, when it is remembered and told. “Giving an experience means strengthening the emotional bond between donor and recipient” says psychologist Florinda Barbuto.

Gift Card: the new Ecobnb digital gift cards

Give a Green Experience with the Ecobnb Gift Card

This is a green idea to make your family and friends happy, but at the same time reduce waste and safeguard the ecosystem. Buying the Ecobnb Gift Card you can give unique experiences in harmony with Nature as a gift.

You can buy your gift card at this link by choosing the cut you prefer (€ 20, € 50, € 100 and above) and add a dedication or a personalized message (if you are looking for ideas and ideas for a dedication, here are some of the best quotes on the trip).

The advantages of Gift Cards

The advantages of Gift Cards

Those who receive the Ecobnb Digital Gift Card will have 12 months to use it on the platform, choosing from thousands of eco-sustainable accommodations that also offer unique and unforgettable green experiences.

They will find organic farmhouses, eco-glampings, green hotels in ancient villages, ecological bed & breakfasts surrounded by woods, lighthouses in the sea, ice igloos, beautiful ecological chalets surrounded by incredible snow-covered landscapes … There are many options (more than 3,000 all around the world), and all eco-sustainable!

Other 3 advantages of the Gift Card are that:

  • can be used in all accommodation facilities that are part of the Ecobnb network;
  • it can also be used in periods of high season, bridges or holidays, subject to availability verification;
  • when the value of the Gift Card is higher than that of the reservation, you will receive a new coupon with the remaining amount, which can be spent on other stays.

Digital Gift Cards: the benefits on the environment

Digital Gift Cards: the benefits on the environment

Gifts help to increase the volume of waste produced, starting with papers and packaging that only end up cluttering the garbage can. In fact the estimates of the European Commission tell us that the waste produced during the Christmas holidays increases well by 30%.

For some years now we have been engaged in the gift dematerialization project, collaborating with the European Week for Waste Reduction and involving the over three thousand accommodation facilities that are part of our network.

Choosing a dematerialized gift compared to a traditional one is considerably reduced in waste.

A project that supports the Circular Economy

How many trees you save traveling with Ecobnb

By giving an Ecobnb digital Gift Card, you can support the circular economy by benefiting the accommodation facilities that are investing in organic and clean energy, in the short chain and in soft mobility, in the reduction of waste, in green building, in biodynamic agriculture, in the natural soaps and much more. Choosing ecological hospitality compared to a traditional one saves about 8 kg of CO2 per night, the equivalent of 295 trees saved!

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