Hiking and cycling in Dragonja river valley

Krkavče 131b - 6274 Krkavče - - Slovenia
Hike or cycle throughout the green valley of Dragonja, observe the abandoned mills, settlements and farms and experience the authentic Istrian lifestyle.

Dragonja River Valley is the protected landscape within Dragonja Nature Park. It is a true challenge for all lovers of untouched, wild nature combined with traces of history. Ancient Romans recognized its benefits: grain was ground on the 29-kilometer-long river, in over 40 mills. You'll enjoy rapids, whirlpools, barriers and cascades created by the river and observe the tree tops of centuries-old trees. This is the habitat for many animal species and a birdwatching paradise. The river valley embraces three hamlets: Truške, Labor and Boršt with examples of typical Istrian architecture.



Krkavče (Koper ISTRIA)

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