Forest Bathing in La Magdeleine

Fraz Artaz 8 - 11020 La Magdeleine - Valle d'Aosta - Italy
7 days to reconnect the little ones with Nature and discover one of the most beautiful Alpine Pearls in the Val d'Aosta. While for adults they rediscover well-being with emotional trekking and forest bathing, children have fun with music therapy and lots of games in contact with nature!

The special offer includes:

- overnight stay in an eco-friendly hotel
- full board excluding drinks
- wellness / emotional / slow trekking
- forest bathing
- active silence
- dance therapy (children)
- music therapy (children)
- ecology
- environmental education (children)
- the storyteller (children)
- games in Nature (children)

* WEEK: from Sunday to Sunday
** WEND: from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon
** INFRA WEEK: from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon

from 15/07 to 20/07 …………. Where the Eagles fly
from 29/07 to 03/08 ………… .. Maina Sarvazzo (wild baby) + Saturday night live concert (I Discordia)
from 12/08 to 17/08 ... ... ... ... .. The fairy tales of the Wood: elves, fairies, elves
from 26/08 to 31/08 ………… .. In the dreams of the wolf

A week to rediscover harmony with Nature. Children will be offered an environmental education teaching with a theoretical part of ecology, a laboratory part and a game play. Furthermore, the goal, making them stay overnight in tents is to learn to live in little space in direct contact with the surrounding environment. The little ones during the morning will be taken in charge by the operators who will make them experience the discovery of the territory with long walks interspersed with moments of reflection on the environment. After the lunch break they will be offered a moment of relaxation played with music and the narration of fantastic stories. At the end of this activity the activities will resume with games that will have the purpose of allowing the child to socialize and have fun. More and more children have free time dedicated to extracurricular activities that replace the time for relaxation, reading or imaginative free play. Bringing the child back to a more natural dimension allows him to experiment with new movements and new stimuli, in the open air, freeing his imagination.

Adults will be offered 2 days dedicated to a trip that will occupy the whole day during which they will visit places of scenic interest. The other days will be divided according to various activities: yoga, active silence, dance therapy, music therapy, active meditation and short treks focusing on the theme of wellness.

During this week the children will be brought back into contact with nature with various activities.
Dr. Alessandro Negri, biologist and naturalistic guide, will follow the children with lessons on practical ecology and environmental education, through mini-trekking through which they will discover the secrets of ecosystems.
Dr. Alessia Chiabotto, a graduate in educational sciences, will bring the children into contact with themselves, with others and with everything that surrounds them, starting with mind-related emotions management techniques. Moreover, through the size of the game it will stimulate the use of the 5 senses and motor skills in children.
Through the storyteller the children will be catapulted with fantasy into magical places where they will meet nature's characters who will convey their emotions.
Finally, through active silence, children will learn to silence the mind and, through fantastic journeys, they will direct it towards the stimulation of the imagination. At the end of each experience they will be asked for a re-elaboration of the experience.
All these techniques aim to stimulate the child's attention, which according to scientific studies is further increased with the presence of natural places.
The use of music (music therapy) and the simple movements that will be taught to them, will have the function of further stimulating their ability to concentrate.
End and ultimate goal is to create joy in the child, teaching him how to maintain this state for as long as possible, learning to respect every living creature.

The protection of natural places passes through Love for them. If children are not taught to love Nature with its colors, smells, sounds and flavors, children will not protect it. Taking care of it from an early age means that destructive acts decrease significantly. Furthermore, children learn empathy and resilience, that is, to hear each other resonate within themselves, to understand it and to become stronger and more balanced. The obstacles become proof that instead of bending and weakening them, they will make them stronger to face adult life.

7 nights + full board + emotional trekking + forest bathing + dance therapy + activity 525 € (instead of 700 €)


You can also stay in a tent with reduced prices.

7 nights + full board + emotional trekking + forest bathing + dance therapy + activity 525 € (instead of 700 €)


You can also stay in a tent with reduced prices.


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