Two romantic days in a historic Quinta in the footsteps of the poet Al Mut'hamid

Silves - 8600 Silves (0801) - Portugal

Anna offers to a couple two romantic days in her historic Quinta to discover the enchanting Silves in the footsteps of the poet Al Mu'tamid.

The Romans called Portugal "Lusitania", that means "The Land of Light".
The Algarve, in the south of Portugal, has a special light almost impossible to describe for 340 days a year.

The Anna de Flores Quinta is my Quinta in Silves.
This is a historic Quinta in Portuguese style located on the top of a hill surrounded by orange groves, almond and carob trees and which offers a unique view of the Serra de Monchique.

On the comfortable outdoor terrace you can enjoy light and fresh air and lunch or dinner prepared in the kitchen of the small apartment called "Matisse Studio" enriched by blue azulejos.

The name "Algarve" comes from the arabic "al Gharb al Andalus", that is "west of al Andalus", and it belonged to Muslims for four and a half centuries.
Silves was the capital of the Portuguese Muslim Kingdom and still has a majestic and enchanting castle where Al Mu'tamid lived, a famous King and Caliph, but also one of the largest and fine poet of his time (1040-1095)
Silves was his favorite residence where he wrote some of his most famous poems and where organized parties for all the inhabitants of the town.

I would like to accompany my guests to explore the city as I am an art and history teacher and passionate about the extraordinary beauty and the charm of this land of light.

accommodation + visit for free

accommodation + visit for free


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