The Flavours of Senigallia, among soles and sardines

Senigallia - 60019 Senigallia (AN) - Italy

Senigallia gives emotions to good food lovers

Dawn embracing the sea. The noise of boats falling into the harbor. The smell of the sea and the silence that surrounds you. These are some of the emotions Senigallia offers in the early morning: going to the harbor and see the fish just caught, talk to the fisherman who gives you culinary advice. Every day reality that only few people know.
A unique and rich experience.
So, early wake up, a 10 minute walk up to the harbor, a chat with the fisherman and then go home to cook. For those who love to get dirty and love to cook with "0 km" products, this is the ideal experience.
Have a greater contact with the territory!

The participation is for a maximum 2 people.

walk + lunch for free

walk + lunch for free


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