Street food tour in Palermo

Palermo - 90134 Palermo (PA) - Italy

"Streat Palermo" is the first street food tour in Palermo for those travelers who want to know the local reality without filters. It is a walk through historical squares and popular city markets.

The itinerary includes stops at some takeaways, bakeries, street vendors and pubs to taste the delicious street food of Palermo and a selection of Sicilian sweet wines. All tastings are selected based on the quality and fidelity of the recipe, but also considering the authenticity of the location.

Streat Palermo has been designed to offer the chance to live a 100% Palermo experience. To add value to this experience, all participants will receive their own personal "Passport of the Good Eater", a gadget designed as a souvenir of the culinary experience. Streat Palermo is not intended only as a guide for foodies, facilitating interaction with vendors and providing them the opportunity to avoid tourist traps.

First, our business is driven by the love for our land and for its culinary tradition. Besides, Streat Palermo helps the sellers to make their business guaranteeing a small but regular income and face the competition of the fast-food chains.

The choice to not adopt preferential prices to our guides, as normally happens for the benefit of those who promote activities of third parties, it is based on this principle of transparency and social motivation.

Streat guides give advices to tourists without be motivated by any economic interest (commissions). We treat tourists like visiting friends, here comes our expression "turistAmico" (tourist/friend).

The selection criteria of our guides are the following: age (maximum 35/40 years), origin (who were born and have lived in Palermo and in the province), license (they are in possession of a license as a tour guide). These criteria have been established in order to give job opportunities to those who is looking for job there instead of emigrating to other regions or countries.

The same brand was founded in 2013 by a young citizen og Palermo, tired of offering his own professional skills to companies and Italian institutions without the due moral and economic recognition. In 2015 a twin tour in Catania was launched with the name of Streat Catania.

Today, four years after the launch of the project, Streat Palermo offers job opportunities to seven young Sicilian guides.

Our tours depart regularly on demand, so the choice of the date for the event "Adopt a tourist" (free of charge) can be determined based on the number of participants and the number of available guides. Normally, just to offer an experience as authentic as possible, our groups consist of maximum 12 participants.

guided tour + tasting for free

Offer valid until May 5 for 2 people maximum per day

guided tour + tasting for free

Offer valid until May 5 for 2 people maximum per day


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