Spring hike in the hills of the Arno Valley

Vicolo dei Berignoli 5 - 52017 Stia (AR) - Italy

A day dedicated entirely to the mountains of the Apennines, the one where Arno river flows, the ones sacred to the Etruscans, the ones that were of guidingo domain, the religious ones and the ones of the forests that have heated up and fed whole generations.

There is something for every taste! And it will also be a way to celebrate the arrival of spring delighting your palate with the flavors of our mountains.

Our day will begin with a meeting of the participants at the Museum of the Wood and the Mountain, in Stia, and will be an opportunity for a guided tour of the collections contained in it, and then we'll leave for the Castle of Porciano, guidingo manor overlooking the village of Stia. So we start our hilly hike: will then proceed towards the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Renaissance jewel hidden among the woods of the Arno valley, to arrive then in Molin di Bucchio, first mill on the river and destination for our tasty snack.

The ingredients are all there, absolutely everyone, for lovers of the natural-historical/archaeological trekking, what we call Archeotrekking :)

And even if this will be your first hike experience, we are sure you'll be thrilled!

The day's program

meeting at 9:30 at the Museum of the Wood and of the Mountain
- walk to Castle of Porciano and visit
-walk to the Sanctuary and lunch (packed lunch by the participants)
-walk at the old mill, visit the farmyard and snack.

SNACK with bread, cold meats (salami and finocchiona), cheese, wine, water and tart.

There will be a shuttle service for getting back to your car.

Technical data:
The track is designed to be driven in a full day (there are two intermediate stops, one for lunch) and has a length of about 9 km at very uneven (we will send the elevation profile if you require it): a fair degree of training or walking over distances is required.

Through the contest Adopt a tourist, 2 people can take part to our day for free.

Hiking Day with snack for 2 for free

Hiking Day with snack for 2 for free


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