Journey to the center of the Earth

Monte di Malo - 36030 Vicenza (VI) - Italy

Speleo day to the discover underground world.

On the Faedo Casaron Plateau at Monte di Malo there is a complex of natural galleries of over 40 Km.
The "Buso della Rana" from which the Rana stream flows is one of the most extensive and fascinating caves in Italy.
Inside, in addition to spectacular water games, you can find fossils and ancient corals, stalactites and limestone concretes that make the environment even more magical.
The tour is for all who are not afraid of the darkness. The itinerary is mostly horizontal and has no difficult obstacles. You don't need any particular equipment, I will give you handbags and lighting fixtures.
I will personally take out a daily insurance for the participants. The date will be agreed upon by direct contact. It is not necessary to have experience in the caves to attend.
After the excursion you will not miss the "bruschetta and beer" appointment at Frog bar, the final destination of every remarkable round in Rana!

speleo excursion + snack for free

speleo excursion + snack for free


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