In Parma a thread unites us

Parma - 43121 Parma (PR) - Italy

Ivana invites you to stay at her house, few kilometers outside the center of Parma, and to let imagination and creativity free to make together a fabric souvenir.

I live few kilometers outside the center of Parma, a very interesting and pleasant city to visit, although it is not included in the traditional tourist circuits, or maybe just because of it.
I would like to welcome one or two people to my house, from one to three nights maximum, on a date to be agreed. A double room with private bathroom and the use of other rooms in the apartment will be available to them.

I love fabrics and sewing as a hobby, I feel attracted by experimentation and creativity and I love reusing instead of throwing. I'd like that my guests put into a pocket of their suitcase, a little of curiosity and a piece of tissue from which we are going to make a souvenir. Which fabric? Something that belonged to the family, that you don't need anymore, maybe something worn or simply out of fashon. We will try to transform it: household linen, curtains, clothing, can become bags, beach bags, towels, shopping bags, tablecloths, table runners, pillows, bean bags, mattresses for children or pets.
Pay attention: I am not proposing a sewing mini-course, I don't look for perfection but rather for intuition. The proposal is open and recommended even for men and, why not, children.

My friend Anna is supporting this proposal and she looks forward to meet my future guests and invite them for a tea at her home in the center of Parma overlooking the rooftops of Parma.

Once agreed about the stay, we will be in touch to decide what to sew according to the characteristics of the proposed tissue, the expectations and the ideas. The preparatory phase via email or whatsapp will allow us to optimize the time of realization, which in any case will not exceed a couple of hours to not take away too much time to tourism activities.
I am sure that thanks to my experience and through the suggestions of the guests we will make something extraordinarily simple.

My "adopted tourists" will come back home with an unusual experience and a magic item, a souvenir of their holidays in Parma obtained by the reuse of materials with needle and thread, to keep for themselves or to offer as a gift.

In Parma, a simple thread unites us.

accommodation + workshop for free

accommodation + workshop for free


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