Cycling along the "water veins"

Villa Castelli - 72029 Villa Castelli (BR) - Italy

Cycling on the water veins along "The Cicle Path of the Apulian Aqueduct"

Cycling along the journey of the drinking water, riding on the water veins along "The Cicle path of the Apulian Aqueduct" and its existing streets (slopes) of services and almost entirely practicable.

A conscious cycling route through unknown lands on water veins from c.da Figazzano (Locorotondo) up to the end of the main channel in c.da Montefellone (Martina Franca / Villa Castelli), a small part of track declared as "the most impressive project of admixture between landscape, industrial archeology and experiential journey of Italy";
We would like to seek together a route to go, to deliver a message, to have fun and relax, to cycle around the rich veins of water between farms, villages and natural landscapes; an opportunity to become witnesses of those lands yet unknown, but lands crossed by the several hidden meanings of the water.
There the term "wealth" takes new forms and the meaning of bringing people together, making them known and see how concepts such as wellness, nature, everyday life and freedom need to be related to the territory.

Villa Castelli is called "The balcony of Altosalento" stands on a morphologically varied territory, with the almost seventy percent of flat rural and arable land and which extends in the Ionian-Salentine plain between Grottaglie and Francavilla, with distinct characteristics fertility and crop yield, and the other thirty percent of the hilly area, almost exclusively cultivated by olive groves and vineyards.
Due to its central position betweend the two seas of the region (28 km from the Adriatic and 28 from the Ionian sea), is relatively close to the most interesting centers in terms of tourism, both seaside and cultural, such as Martina Franca, Cisternino, Locorotondo, Alberobello, Castellana Grotte and Ceglie north, Ostuni, Brindisi and the Adriatic coast to the east, Grottaglie, Manduria and the Ionian coast to the south and west Taranto, Villa Castelli is just a passing destination for any tourist who wants to visit this great range of Apulian territory. From a social and economic standpoint, the critical issues only related to the current historical context.
This is Villa Castelli: a country in unknown lands, which could be an example of reception and integration of experiences and culture, capable to make it a more modern, open and dynamic area.

My hospitality is addressed to a couple or a family for a weekend, everyone who wants to "bring" his travel experience, thoughts, words, stories, emotions, photographs, awareness, sense of wonder, choicing to be "a traveler" rather than a "tourist";
We suggest to bring your bike and share food products during the cycle-exploration (an opportunity to tell about himself, tell a love, a memory of their land of origin).

This is the exchange we want to tell you, cycling on the veins of Puglia and wishing that more and more people feel the urge to get in touch with these lands, with its men and their stories (the water, a colorless liquid and tasteless but ancestral, is the origin of everything).

accommodation + bike itinerary for free

accommodation + bike itinerary for free


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