A Tuscan snack at the Hidden Garden

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A healthy snack under the pergola to enjoy the taste of a chat between friends.

When I prepare my snack with bread and sugar or bread with olive oil and crumbled tomato, I remember why it is so good to eat: because it nourishes us.
In Tuscany, we still used to have a snack and this custom looks back at that past of silly bread, confidence and carefree.
We stop to enjoy the taste of a chat, with a glass of wine, a sliced ​​bread, good olive oil, some tomato in our husk ... with salt and sugar!
And the snack becomes the dinner.
The beauty of our land is part of the experience, especially in the open in good weather.
Because having a snack is essentially an opportunity to cope with the problems of the day and relax among friends.
Simple recipes are the stories we love, full of sweetness and magic, to be enjoyed under the pergola, surrounded by raspberries and roses, in the garden of our B&B, overlooking the medieval walls and spread over the wonderful Valtiberina.

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snack for free


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